The project SATI ETHNICA is a musical heritage of antiquity in a modern interpretation. It introduces an authentic and unique sound, revealing new sacred meaning, not of music solely, but also of our interaction with the Universe.

Immersion into the ethno-electro mix of SATI ETHNICA is a hypnotic dream that fills a listener with its depth and power, taking on a journey into uncharted worlds.

Personal musical style, charisma and energy of SATI ETHNICA attracts many people around the world, including famous musicians like Deva Premal, DJ Ravin and Sting.

The healing vibration of mantras and the awakening voice of Sati will remind a listener of something very important and beautiful, but forgotten long time ago. This cosmic mystery is complemented by the sounds of rare ethnic instruments brought from all over the world. Under the sensitive fingers of musicians and with the soulful singing of Sati, an unearthly sound erases any existing boundaries, uniting all hearts.

“The vibrations of mantras and old folk songs are incredibly powerful and beautiful! They gently penetrate every heart - and there, at that point, all boundaries disappear, and we become One again. ”(Sati)

Sati Kazanova

Sati began her artist career as a child. Growing up in a large Caucasian family has imprinted an appreciation and passion for rich Circassian culture - from the code of honor to the musical and rhythmic heritage.

The SATI ETHNICA project was born as Sati's spiritual insight. Having received initiation into the sacred Atma Kriya Yoga from her master Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda, she realized the importance of music as a powerful instrument that opens up the heart for the Highest Love itself.

Ildar Giridhari

Creative inspirer of the project

Giridhari was born in Moscow. As a child he discovered the music of The Beatles and got interested in rock music. However, this didn’t influence his desire to enroll into Richter Music School, with major in piano. Continuing to combine the passion for “heavier music” and playing the selected instrument, Giridhari decided not to stop there. In parallel the young musician began to study the basics of playing classical guitar, and shortly after electric one.

At a more conscious age, traveling around the world, Giridhari started his acquaintance with ethnic music of different cultures. Among them there were flamenco, Indian and Sufi music, hang, duduk and many others. To get to know each direction better, Ildar began collecting instruments with inspiring sounds. Now he has dozens of musical instruments in his collection through which a truly magical melodies are born. His determination, perseverance and unique musical talent captivated Sati so much that she invited Ildar to create a joint project.

Ivaylo Blagoev

Electronics, arrangement, bass.

Born in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. At the age of 10 Ivaylo began an independent acoustic guitar studies picking up the tunes from his favorite rock bands like Kiss and Metallica. At one of the cousin band’s rehearsals, Ivailo had a chance to replace a bass player who didn’t show up. Picking up the bass, Blagoev instantly fell in love with this instrument. With this, his journey through music began!

Ivaylo Blagoev shared a stage, performing with many famous bands like Blur, Franz Ferdinand, Deep Purple, to name a few. However, at the age of 25, a musician came to a turning point in his career. Tired of rock, Ivaylo became interested in electronic music. He created his own studio where he was actively engaged in the sound production. Over the past few years, Blagoev has experimented with ethnical motifs and different instruments. Ivailo’s European origin greatly influenced his musical taste and the quality of his arrangements. Blagoev’s awareness of the world of electronic music brings novelty and relevance to the sound of SATI ETHNICA.

Ilnar Galiaskarov


Born in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. The first acquaintance with drums for Ilnar occurred at the age of 16 in the assembly hall of a local school. The spectacular performance inspired Galiaskarov to passionately study this musical instrument. In the SATI ETHNICA project Ilnar is not just a drummer. First of all, he is a man with a big heart whose wise patience and modest disposition creates a meditative effect in the atmosphere of the band. Galiaskarov seeks his inspiration from jazz and hip-hop artists including Nate Smith, composer, producer and winner of three Grammy awards.

Kovalchuk Danil

Keyboard player

Born in Moscow yet grew up and studied in Novosibirsk until the age of 20. Danil began his acquaintance with music at the age of 10 by playing the piano. After eight years he started the period of studying guitar and drums. At the same time, Kovalchuk started actively to engage in a sound engineering and arrangement.

Danil draws inspiration from everything that evokes emotions and provides food for the mind. Danil Kovalchuk is considered the most mysterious member of the SATI ETHNICA project and its integral part. He is laconic and professional. Danil has a delicate musical taste and a very unique feel of music.

Sergey Nankin

Clarinet, basset

Born in Moscow. At the age of 10 Sergey began studying clarinet. He graduated from the Tchaikovsky Music School. Sergey finds his inspiration in the ethnic music of different nations. He is fond of playing Indian mantras. Sergey also performs in Christian churches, synagogues and mosques.

Sergey Nankin is the musician of high demand and along with SATI ETHNICA he is an active member of several other successful projects. He knows how to adapt the classical sound of an instrument to various shades of ethnic music. This skill makes Sergey an indispensable and unique participant of the project.